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It is installed in a fuel tank in a car and notify of change of fuel quantity to driver. An auxiliary function that is a residual fuel indicator lighting system (option).

If the fuel float position is changed, contact point slide on a resist board and resistance value is changed. finally, current change on a circuit makes signals and changes fuel gauge in a cluster. a small flux makes low float and gauge of empty, a large flux makes gauge of full..

1) structure : ceramic resistor type
2) rating voltage :
3) on-load voltage :
4) workable temperature :
5) workable fuel : gasoline, diesel, mixed alchol
6) way of installing : way of installing in a pump/ way of installing in a tank

Quality increase - reliability improvement of a part of a point of contact. available respond to low current. 10mA10mA MIN
   (1) A part of a point of contact : high reliability and available respond to low current. / contact plate
is miniis miniaturized with high-intensity elastic material.
   (2) Improvement of bearing power of arm assembly part - intensity is improved 50% comparison with
same same specification.

Miniaturization - Improving Installing parts of pump codule and tank through miniaturization.


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